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Yo Quiero Matarle

Redneck employee: So, what do you call a quesadilla?
Latina employee: Quesadilla.
Redneck employee: Really? Just ‘quesadilla’?
Latina employee: [Silence.]Redneck employee: How do you say ‘salt’?
Latina employee: [Walks away.] 

1720 Indian Trail Lilburn Road
Norcross, Georgia

They’re Trading Asian Men

Asian coworker: What are you doing?
Caucasian coworker: Assembling the trade booth so we all know how to do it.
Asian coworker: Trade booth?
Caucasian coworker: For conventions, we set this up so people know who we are.
Asian coworker: What are you trading? Can I trade?
Caucasian coworker: Nevermind! Go back to your desk!

Rochelle Park, New Jersey

I Mean, I Am Your… Line, Please?

Waiter: Señorita, would you like something to drink?
Guest: Si, a mojito, please.
Waiter: Muy bien. And señora — if you need anything else, do not hesitate to ask me. I am your master. I mean, you are my master. No… Uh… I am here to serve you.

Hotel bar
San Jose
Costa Rica

Overheard by: Pura Vida

4PM Hire New Intern

Intern: I’ve got to start looking for a job.
Secretary: Did you talk to your Placement Office about networking?
Intern: They sent me some contacts. But they were in the Pacific.
Secretary: Did you contact them?
Intern: I don’t even speak Japan.

1010 Gratiot Avenue
Saginaw, Michigan

Ten-Million-Dollar Discrimination Suits Start Out Innocently Enough

Manager: We really need to work on proper pronunciation on the phones. We really hear a lot of this, and it definitely needs to be improved. For instance: How do you say a‑s-k? Anyone? (pause) You say “ask” not “axed”!
Employee: Well, who say dat?

Wayne, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: office grunt #12