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Or at Least the Part He’s Kiss­ing

Girl: Aun­tie Dee*, how did you know Un­cle Frank* was in there.
Aun­tie Dee: Well, Mol­ly*, he’s not in the wait­ing room, so he has to be in there with the doc­tor.
Boy peer­ing in win­dow to ex­am rooms: He’s kiss­ing that nurse like he knows her!

Doc­tor’s of­fice
Ridge­wood, New Jer­sey

Over­heard by: Pa­tient­ly Wait­ing

Well, Yes, But On­ly on an Evo­lu­tion­ary Time Scale

Young white girl: You need to wear sun­screen. My mom­my told me that skin gets dark if you don’t wear sun­screen.
Young black girl: I was BORN dark.
Young black boy: Me, too.
Young white girl: Re­al­ly?
Young black boy: I wear sun­screen, too.
Young white girl: You were born that way? So it’s not the sun? Re­al­ly?

Austin, Texas

Over­heard by: Amused Pre‑K teacher