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10AM Client Meet­ing

Boss: You know that project we just fin­ished?
Lack­ey: Yes.
Boss: We need a project plan that de­tails what we did, how we did it, and how long it took.
Lack­ey: Um, I don’t know that.
Boss: Me nei­ther, but the client will be here in an hour and they want to see a plan.

10000 Linn Sta­tion Road
Louisville, Ken­tucky

4PM Call [the Client]

Sec­re­tary: [The client] keeps call­ing and ask­ing for me. And you know what? The next time he does that, I’m go­ing to tell him that you lied to him.
Boss: What? Why?
Sec­re­taty: Be­cause you tell him you’re go­ing to do all these things for him, and you don’t!
Boss: That’s be­cause he’s an id­iot!

527 West Jef­fer­son Street
Louisville, Ken­tucky

Yes! An­oth­er Big Win for Strate­gic In­com­pe­tence!

Sales man­ag­er: Can you ship this to Kuwait for me or should I fill every­thing out be­fore­hand?
Mail room guy: Do you need it shipped over­seas?
Sales man­ag­er: Yes, to Kuwait.
Mail room guy: Is that over­seas?
Sales man­ag­er: It’s in the Mid­dle East!
Mail room guy: East Coast?
Sales man­ag­er: No, the Mid­dle East! It’s in­ter­na­tion­al.
Mail room guy: The East Coast is not in­ter­na­tion­al.
Sales man­ag­er: I’ll just do it my­self.

Louisville, Ken­tucky

Now, Would You Stop Bench-Press­ing Me?

Su­per­vi­sor to file clerk: You know, I re­al­ly don’t see you in the cor­po­rate work­place at all… I see you some­where do­ing some­thing vi­o­lent like the Amer­i­can Glad­i­a­tors or some­thing.

101 South 5th Street
Louisville, Ken­tucky

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