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But That Dough­nut Looked So Good!

Nurse walks out to des­ig­nat­ed smok­ing area as her pager goes off.

Nurse, shak­ing her head in dis­gust: ‘Emer­gency!’ Of course. Why these peo­ple got­ta be goin’ in­to di­a­bet­ic shock when I wan­na go out­side? [Sits down to smoke cig­a­rette.]

1031 SW Flem­ing Court
Tope­ka, Kansas

Over­heard by: Jon­na

Vi­codin Is the Shiz­zle

Nurse: Thanks for tak­ing out the trash. I’ve been a nurse for so long I don’t have a sense of smell any­more. You could roll in road­kill and I would­n’t no­tice.

15001 Quivi­ra Road
Over­land Park, Kansas

Over­heard by: Nao­mi