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I Guess I Did Mean to Sound Racist

White cowork­er: Hey, I don’t mean to sound racist or any­thing, but are you Hait­ian?
Black cowork­er: Yeah, I am… But why is that racist?
White cowork­er: Be­cause Haitians are dirty.

Out­side Palms restau­rant

We Don’t Have to Be Po­lite Be­cause We Won

Japan­ese en­gi­neer: So how is De­troit?
Amer­i­can en­gi­neer: Well, De­troit is what Chica­go would look like if a nu­clear bomb blew up there.
Japan­ese en­gi­neer: Nu­clear bomb?
Amer­i­can en­gi­neer: Yeah, you know, like what a city would look like af­ter you dropped a nu­clear bomb on it. Kin­da like that.

300 Takat­su­ka
Hama­mat­su, Shizuo­ka

So, Sim­i­lar to Wash­ing Down a Whole Bot­tle of Tylenol With a Fifth of Jack Daniels

IT nerd #1: Well, it’s kin­da like when you are on shrooms.
IT nerd #2: Um…
IT nerd #1: Okay, well, same thing as LSD.
IT nerd #2: I have nev­er tried that ei­ther.
IT nerd #1: Pey­ote?
IT nerd #2: No…
IT nerd #1: Mesca­line?
IT nerd #2: I have nev­er tried il­le­gal drugs.
IT nerd #1: Okay, well, it’s kin­da like quick­ly drink­ing 8 or 9 bot­tles of NyQuil.
IT nerd #2: Oooohhh, okay. That I’ve done. Now I un­der­stand.

2–3‑14 Shi­na­gawa-ku
Tokyo, Japan

Over­heard by: Bri­an Mil­vid