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“Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Punch-out,” by Joe the Cashier

Cashier: My nephew started swearing up a storm at me, and I almost punched him. Then he started saying, ‘Uno, dos, tres,’ and I realized it was Spanish he learned from Dora. Damn, I almost punched him, because I didn’t know what he was sayin’. I also hate those kids that used to run into the store when they saw those Barney footprints by the door… I used to want to punch them, too.

205 East Lincoln Way
Ames, Iowa

Overheard by: Not a Kid Fan, but not a Kid Puncher, either

Oh, Like You Did at the Office Holiday Party?

Female coworker #1: So I bought this Tupperware to help wildlife. It comes in different colors and designs. This one has dolphins, and one of the others has monkeys on it.
Female coworker #2, mockingly: You are so fucking queer.
Female coworker #1, shouting: I’ll show you fucking queer!

Iowa City, Iowa

Overheard by: Shocked & Awed