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Those “Die. Die. Die.” E‑mails Gave Us Some Clue.

Cube rat #1: Hey, come look at this! The way Fire­fox cuts off the word­ing on my tab spells out “web anal”!
Cube rat #2: What? What are you talk­ing about?
Cube rat #1: Se­ri­ous­ly. In­stead of “web an­a­lyt­ics,” it just says “web anal.” that cracks me up!
Cube rat #3: Hey, I’m ac­tu­al­ly with him on this one. I’m look­ing up a recipe right now to make my girl­friend for din­ner, and co­in­ci­den­tal­ly my tab says “basil bals” for “basil bal­sam­ic vinai­grette.” You got­ta ad­mit it’s fun­ny.
Cube rat #2: You two have no idea how much I hate you guys.

Ann Ar­bor, Michi­gan