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Career Tip: Slow Readers Resent Duplicate Emails

Coworker to office administrator: Why did you send me this e‑mail twice?
Office admin: Because they sent it to me twice.
Coworker: So why did you send it to me twice?
Office admin: Because I thought it would only take you five seconds to delete.
Coworker: Didn’t you look at it before you sent it to me?
Office admin: Yes… but I didn’t send you the pornographic e‑mail that came in before that one!


In Case You Were Wondering What to Get Me for Bosses’ Day

Male staffer: There may be a problem.
Female manager: With what?
Male staffer: I was just typing an e‑mail about a birth certificate. Twice I typed “bitch” instead of “birth”.
Female manager: Oooh!
Male staffer: I corrected it before I sent it, though.
Female manager: Thank goodness. (pause) Gotta say, though, that I would love to have a bitch certificate. I mean, I do just fine without one, but it would be nice to have the formal recognition.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: Michael