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Those “Die. Die. Die.” E-mails Gave Us Some Clue.

Cube rat #1: Hey, come look at this! The way Firefox cuts off the wording on my tab spells out “web anal”!
Cube rat #2: What? What are you talking about?
Cube rat #1: Seriously. Instead of “web analytics,” it just says “web anal.” that cracks me up!
Cube rat #3: Hey, I'm actually with him on this one. I'm looking up a recipe right now to make my girlfriend for dinner, and coincidentally my tab says “basil bals” for “basil balsamic vinaigrette.” You gotta admit it's funny.
Cube rat #2: You two have no idea how much I hate you guys.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Um, That Was a Typewriter.

Business owner: Thanks for e-mailing me that report so I could work on it at home… But I don't think I'll be doing that any more.
Receptionist: Why not?
Business owner: Well, my computer here is set so that when you go back and make changes, it just moves things along. My computer at home just erases what is already there and replaces it. So, every time I found a typo or made a change, I had to re-type the whole rest of the report.
Receptionist: You… You are kidding?
Business owner: Yeah, I bet I typed that thing eight times after I found all the typos and stuff.

Indianapolis, Indiana