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Just Like It Says in All Of Our Job Descriptions

Facilities manager to entire staff: And for the men in the office, please don’t spit chew into the urinals, as it can clog the pipes and is very difficult to remove.
Engineer, joking: Oh, I see, single out the men. What about the girls?
Female QA manager, who actually chews: We don’t spit, we swallow.

Boise, Idaho

Overheard by: testcenter cowboy

Now What the Hell Are We Gonna Do about Our Infection Rate?

Cowboy #1 looking at catered lunch: Well, they sure didn’t leave us any knives or anything to use with these cold cuts!
Cowboy #2: You’re right!
Cowboy #1: I’d use mine, but I don’t know if it’s been rinsed this week… Haha!
Cowboy #2: Haha! Mine either!
Cowboy #1: Haha, yeah, and I know where mine’s been!

Hospital conference room
Twin Falls, Idaho