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11AM Handle Employee Complaints

Boss: Why hasn’t the mail come in yet?
HR: We have a new postal carrier and she hasn’t come in yet.
Boss: Is she nice looking?
HR: Well, she’s inconsistent. Sometimes she delivers at 2:30, sometimes it’s 1:00.
Boss: What has that got to do with how she looks?
HR: It doesn’t. Welcome to HR.

81 Apsley Street
Hudson, Massachusetts

Let’s Just Make Sure They’re Clean This Time.

HR rep #1, in HR team meeting: We’re having a compliance visit tomorrow. Harry is bringing some HQ reports we don’t have access to.
HR rep #2, loudly: Oh, fabulous. That’s like someone going through your underwear drawer (begins to fade) and pulling out the granny panties (almost inaudible) with all the stuff… (trails off, then loudly) What?

Fontana, California

Not Having to Listen to Cher Is Worth Paying Out-of-Pocket.

Male employee, angry about benefits: So my live-in girlfriend is not a domestic partner but Steve’s* boyfriend is?
HR generalist: Yes, that’s right. Domestic partners are same sex partners, that is the policy.
Male employee: So if my girlfriend became my boyfriend I could put her on my insurance?
HR generalist: Yes, if she grows a penis and discovers a deep abiding love for Cher, she can be on your insurance.
Male employee: Really?
HR generalist: (sighs)

Skokie, Illinois