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11AM Handle Employee Complaints

Boss: Why hasn’t the mail come in yet?
HR: We have a new postal carrier and she hasn’t come in yet.
Boss: Is she nice looking?
HR: Well, she’s inconsistent. Sometimes she delivers at 2:30, sometimes it’s 1:00.
Boss: What has that got to do with how she looks?
HR: It doesn’t. Welcome to HR.

81 Apsley Street
Hudson, Massachusetts

Let's Just Make Sure They're Clean This Time.

HR rep #1, in HR team meeting: We're having a compliance visit tomorrow. Harry is bringing some HQ reports we don't have access to.
HR rep #2, loudly: Oh, fabulous. That's like someone going through your underwear drawer (begins to fade) and pulling out the granny panties (almost inaudible) with all the stuff… (trails off, then loudly) What?

Fontana, California