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2PM Re­view Can­di­dates

Boss #1: We can use [Derek] as our field su­per­vi­sor; he knows how to do the work.
Boss #2: Is he still a drunk?
Boss #1: Yeah. His wife left him.
Boss #2: He has al­ways been a drinker.
Boss #1: So we’ll put him in charge of every­thing and he can run the crews. We’ll pay his ex­pens­es and give him the com­pa­ny truck.
Boss #2: Okay. Sounds good to me. Maybe stuff will start get­ting done now.

8221 NW Ex­press­way Street
Ok­la­homa City, Ok­la­homa

2PM Make Of­fer

Suit #1: Well, you’ve heard more than I have. I can think of three can­di­dates, then.
Suit #2: And one very close to you.
Suit #1: Yes.
Suit #2: There’s Bill.
Suit #1: Yes.
Suit #2: And Mark.
Suit #1: Yes.
Suit #2: And that good-look­ing guy from Con­necti­cut, the one with the hair.
Suit #1: Right.
Suit #2: Hmm.

140 Broad­way
New York, NY

5PM That’s a Wrap

Di­rec­tor #1: Hey, why are you pack­ing up? Is your of­fice mov­ing to­mor­row?
Di­rec­tor #2: Uh, no. I just got fired.
Di­rec­tor #1: Oh, wow. There’s re­al­ly just not a way for this not to be awk­ward is there?

7201 Metro Boule­vard
Min­neapo­lis, Min­neso­ta

4PM Look Busy!

Un­der­ling #1: Man, this sucks, you can al­ways tell when some­one’s about to get let go.
Un­der­ling #2: Yeah?
Un­der­ling #1: Well yeah. [The boss] is still here.
Un­der­ling #2: How does that–
Un­der­ling #1: It’s 3:30pm!…Hello? It’s Fri­day!

5790 Fleet Street
Carls­bad, Cal­i­for­nia

Over­heard by: Mil­ton Wad­dams