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The “Don't Ask? Do Tell!” Policy

Male naval officer (over speakerphone): Do you need me to come over there?
Male naval office #2 (two cubicles down): No, sir, I just got it up. Everything's fine.
Male naval officer (over speakerphone): Well, let me know if you need help and I'll send someone over.
Male naval office #2 (two cubicles down): Roger that, sir.

Pacific Fleet Headquarters
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Overheard by: Just a lowly contractor

1PM Quality Control

Supervisor: You can’t be doing stuff wrong all the time.
Waitress: I’m not the only one doing stuff wrong. You do a lot wrong, too.
Supervisor: I can do more wrong because I do more right. It evens out.

1770 Mill Street
Wailuku, Hawaii