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9AM Back to Work

Co-worker: I mean, we don’t really work in an office. We don’t even have desks. Okay, I do have a desk but it’s not, like, mine. It’s just a desk I’m at every day that I keep all my shit at. But it doesn’t have my name on it. Or a chair.

1050 Caribbean Way
Miami, Florida

Overheard by: Word Power

4PM Caren Out

Clerk #1: Why is she leaving now?
Clerk #2: She had to leave early to go get her brakes fixed. She was going on and on how they weren’t working this morning.
Clerk #1: So they’re going to start suddenly working now or is she just going to pray for green lights the whole way?

2121 Main Street
Buffalo, New York

3PM Coffee Break

Copywriter: Were you looking for me?
Designer: Sorry?
Copywriter: Before, when I was in that meeting…it looked like you were looking for me.
Designer: Ah…Where I walked over, sighed, and declared “Tragedy”; I was actually looking for the coffee. The window to your meeting room just happened to be behind the machine. You guys have better coffee than our side.

12655 Beatrice Street
Los Angeles, California