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Have You Learned Noth­ing from Your Four Abor­tions?

New su­per­vi­sor, straight from the mil­i­tary: It’s my job to pro­tect you from the peo­ple above me.
26-year vet­er­an of the agency: I’ve got Je­sus and a man. I don’t need any more pro­tec­tion than that.

Fed­er­al Of­fice Build­ing
Wash­ing­ton DC

Over­heard by: Wast­ing my best years

Any­way, Meet­ing’s Can­celled; Wan­na Go Loot­ing?

Flood vic #1: So I said to my boss, “I won’t be able to make the meet­ing in NYC, be­cause my house is flood­ed and I had to evac­u­ate.“
Flood vic #2: So what did she say?
Flood vic #1: She said that she was stressed out about hav­ing to can­cel the meet­ing and in­cove­nienc­ing the peo­ple in NYC.

Flood shel­ter cot

Over­heard by: sit­ting on a cot wait­ing for Noah.

Just Pre­tend I Am A Vot­er, Tell ME You Are, Then Ig­nore MY Wish­es

Clerk: Okay, you have 12:45 and 1:45 sub­com­mit­tees, AG is at 1:00, and Nat­ur­al Re­sources is at 2: 00. I’m go­ing to leave every­thing here on my desk and go do some work in the back of­fice.
Sen­a­tor: Do you even think I’m lis­ten­ing to you?
Clerk: No, not re­al­ly.

State Capi­tol
Des Moines, Iowa