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All They’re Good for Is Committing Bank Robberies

Woman: Be still, we have to wait for our turn.
Kid: Why are we here?
Woman: We’re returning a package.
Kid: Why?
Woman: Because I don’t want it.
Kid: What’s in it?
Woman: I don’t know. I think it’s pantyhose.
Kid: You don’t want the pantyhose?
Woman: No, I don’t want the pantyhose.
Kid: Why?
Woman: Because pantyhose are evil.

Post office
Leander, Texas

Overheard by: Faedorah

While Your Coworker Holds It… What?

Lackey #1: My buddy tells me he exercises his cock in the shower by doing curls with a wet towel.
Lackey #2: That’s ridiculous. Everyone knows the best way to do that is by flexing your chode muscle all day long.

100 Wall Street
New York, New York

He Just Doesn’t Have the Underwearwithal

Woman: I haven’t talked to Henry* in a week. I’m through with him.
Man: Why? What happened?
Woman: He’s sooo selfish. He took the last t-shirt out of my drawer and wore it.
Man: That’s it? Dumped him over a t-shirt?
Woman: I texted him and told him we’re through.
Man: Wow. Dumped over a Hanes.
Woman: Yep. Infidelity I forgave, but don’t take my last goddamned t-shirt out of my fuckin’ drawer. Selfish!

45 South Illinois Street
Indianapolis, Indiana

Overheard by: Shatmandu

3PM Smoke Break

Co-worker #1: She came over to our area, started bothering us, and then complained about the noise. She just gets me really riled up sometimes.
Co-worker #2: The other girls seem to like her.
Co-worker #1: Yeah, that’s why you have to be nice to her. Otherwise I’d set her on fire.

383 Madison Avenue
New York, NY

Overheard by: kt