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Oh, Go Ahead — I Need to Lose Some Weight, Anyway

Black woman: Cecil* has this giant boil on his back and he got this idea about using the vacuum cleaner…
White woman: Stop! I’m eating lunch here. No stories about boils.
Black woman: Would a story about Cecil’s idea about constipation and a vacuum cleaner be alright?

5760 East Highway 80
Pearl, Mississippi

Overheard by: Brain Dancing

And Now She’s Rounding Down

Male banker on phone: He cheated on her and she took him back. Now I think she might dump him, which is really funny because, you know, he’s got everything, and she’s just so… average!

54th Street and Park Avenue
New York, New York

Overheard by: not-nearly -as-shallow female banker

Colorado: It’s Out of This World (Allegedly)

Worker #1: Oh, didn’t I tell you I’m moving to Colorado?
Worker #2: Really? When?
Worker #1: I leave next week, but I decided I would move to Colorado when I was six. That’s when I heard John Denver sing “Rocky Mountain High.”
Worker #2: That’s why you’re moving to Colorado?
Worker #1: Well, and because it’s so hot here because of all the global warming going on. You know, they don’t have that in Colorado.

Fairfield County, Connecticut

Overheard by: she actually is moving