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I’m Too Old to Change, Baby

Old lady: Where is your nigger food?
Stocker: Uh, excuse me?
Old lady: You know, the nigger food. The black bird food.
Stocker: You mean the Niger seed?
Old lady: That’s what I said, the nigger seed.

3803 Venture Drive
Duluth, Georgia

Overheard by: I recommend the chink pellets

… She Was Telling Me a Pointless Story.

Eager peon: Did I tell you I had a dream about Whoopi? It’s so funny, because — and you’ll find this funny — it’s so weird, I promise you. I had this dream with Whoopi, I guess because she’s on The View now, and I had this the weekend before she was on The View, and I had this dream that it was just me and Whoopi and we were all alone–
Coworker, interrupting: –I had a dream about your mom.

Atlanta, Georgia