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10AM Re­ply to Email

Co-work­er #1: Does she al­ways send emails in 72 point font?
Co-work­er #2: Oh, that’s “mad” typ­ing.
Co-work­er #1: How should I re­spond to this?
Co-work­er #3: You should re­ply us­ing 86 point font.
Co-work­er #2: They don’t make 86 point font. I’ve tried it be­fore. You should use 8 point font in Bern­hard Fash­ion BT or some oth­er font that’s hard to read.
Co-work­er #1: Yeah, I’ll do that. She won’t be able to read it.
Co-work­er #2: That’ll re­al­ly piss her off.

620 Grei­son Trail
New­nan, Geor­gia

On­ly If It’s Ca­su­al Fri­day

Co-work­er #1: Hey, do we need to dress up when the Japs show up next week?
Boss: Don’t ever re­fer to them as Japs! That’s racist and very of­fen­sive. Please re­fer to them as Japan­ese in­stead.
Co-work­er #2: Hey, while we’re be­ing all cul­tur­al­ly sen­si­tive and shit, can I show up to work dressed as a nin­ja to wel­come them to Amer­i­ca?

115 Perime­ter Cen­ter Place, NE
At­lanta, Geor­gia

1PM Lunch

Work­er #1: I thought you were sup­posed to be at the doc­tor.
Work­er #2: Look at me! I can’t go in there! He’d put me on some­thing for sure!

4182 Forsyth Road
Ma­con, Geor­gia

Um, the Bras Are for My Wife

Cashier to cus­tomer: These are cute bras. I wish I had big boobs. Every­one says I should be hap­py with what I got, but I think I’d like big ones. [Cus­tomer stares silent­ly.] Guys like big ones. Not say­ing yours are big or any­thing, but I wish I had your boobs.

2000 Bar­nett Shoals Road
Athens, Geor­gia

9AM Why Am I Here?

Ac­count­ing: My cat turned off my alarm this morn­ing and made me over­sleep.
Re­cep­tion­ist: What?
Ac­count­ing: Yeah, nor­mal­ly she sleeps un­der the cov­ers with me, and I hear her get up and start pac­ing around to wake me up. But to­day she must have just got­ten up and stepped on my alarm.
Re­cep­tion­ist: Well, she must have known you need­ed to sleep in.

850 Mount Ver­non High­way NE
At­lanta, Geor­gia

Over­heard by: Cat