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2PM Client Meeting

Lawyer on phone: I don’t care what you want to do, just file the fucking report! Shut the fuck up and file the fucking thing!
Client: Yikes.
Secretary: He’s yelling at his other secretary.
Client: …Yeah, but–
Lawyer: I said file the fucking thing!
Secretary: It’s okay. She’s also his wife.

430 West First Street
New Albany, Indiana

… Nor What State We Started In

VP on phone: Yeah, what’s wrong?
Niece on speaker phone: We’re lost. Can you pull up a map or something?
VP: Where are you and where are you going?
Niece: We’re going somewhere in Massachusetts, and we don’t know what state we’re in.

316 Warren Avenue
Front Royal, Virginia

Overheard by: not the dumbest anymore

1PM Lunch

Worker #1: Did you know that Big Lots closed all of its furniture stores down? It was no IKEA but it sure had a few nice things in there. Damn I am full of gas this afternoon.
Worker #2: I didn’t know they had furniture stores…
Worker #1: Yeah…They have surely came a long way since I was a kid. They always had like the crappiest food stuff. They are a close-out store, right?
Worker #2: I didn’t know they had food.
Worker #1: Well, not food food, but like cereal.
Worker #2: Oh, shelf food. Yeah.
Worker #1: Yeah..I would totally not buy discontinued bananas. That’s just rank.

1 Easton Oval
Columbus, Ohio

…Could You Turn on My Computer for Me?

Creative director: I can't take the course because I don't have the software.
Peon: Why don't you find out what the software costs and how to get it, and submit a proposal?
Creative director: I don't know where to find that information.
Peon: Why don't you use something called “the internet” to look it up?
Creative director: You mean like go into Google and type the name of the software?
Peon: Yeah, like that.
Creative director: Oh, good idea.

Columbus, Ohio

Overheard by: Horse Whisperer