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2PM Smoke Break

Guy: I’m so beat. I stayed out till 4am drinking last night. I was going to go take a nap in the car, but I think that would be too obvious.
Girl: You can take a nap on the picnic table over there. Then maybe a cop will show up and arrest you because he thinks you’re homeless.
Guy: Bitch! This is business casual!

23825 Commerce Park
Beachwood, Ohio

No, That’s the IQ-Temperature Scale

Co-worker #1: Morning [Etienne].
Co-worker #2: Morning. It’s going to be hot today, it’s already 80 degrees out there.
Co-worker #1: My weather station said it was -15 degrees.
Co-worker #2: What is that, in celsius or something?

1345 Monroe Avenue NW
Grand Rapids, Michigan