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Is That Better or Worse Than Her Stepdaughter Being Pregnant and Moving Out to Live with the Son?

Coworker #1: Well, I got some good news and some bad news last night.
Coworker #2: Let me guess… your stepdaughter’s moving out, but she’s pregnant.
Coworker #1: Oh my God, you’re so close! My stepdaughter’s moving out and my eighteen-year-old son’s girlfriend is pregnant.
Coworker #2: Wow, what luck.

1649 Pandosy
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

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…Unless He Knocks Me Up, Too.

Coworker #1: He thinks he's slick, trying to be sneaky all the time.
Coworker #2: Girl, forget him! It's time to do you!
Coworker #1: I will! My time will come!
Coworker #2: I hear that!
Coworker #1: First we gotta find out if her baby is really his, then I'm through with him…

The Bronx, New York

Dude, You’re Not Getting That Dell!

Customer: Yeah, like I need to get this purchase authorized for school supplies and stuff.
CSR: Yes, sir. Can you tell me the primary cardholder’s name?
Customer: Yeah, that would be me. My name is on the card.
CSR: No sir, you are on the account. I need the primary cardholder; is he available?
Customer: No, he is in Florida or Georgia or something. Dude call my Dad, he can tell you all about it.
CSR: I need to ask you some security questions first. Do you know the primary cardholder’s date of birth?
Customer: Uh, dude, this really sucks…I can’t remember his birthday…Dude that’s pretty sad I don’t even know my father’s birthday.
CSR: OK, sir can you give me the last 4 digits of the social security number on the account for the primary cardholder.
Customer: Dude, are you kidding? I will tell you anything about me that you want to know I just want to get this stuff going, y’know?
CSR: Sir, can you hold?
Customer: Sure.

2 minutes pass.

CSR: OK sir, I have blocked the card. Please inform your father that he will need to give us a call to take the block off the card.
Customer. Dude, this fucking sucks. I have any information you need about me, why can’t you call my dad?
CSR: I am not calling your dad sir, please inform him that he will need to give us a call to have the block taken off the card.
Customer: Dude you are really starting to piss me off, dude.
CSR: Sir you can’t verify any of the security questions, and I can’t approve this transaction.
Customer: …Dude call my dad! He will give you anything you want to know.
CSR: I am not calling your dad, sir.
Customer: Dude, you have so just lost 4 accounts!

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