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Stupid Windows XP.

Coworker #1: There are bugs living in my computer screen. I can see them move when I type.
Coworker #2: You should vacuum them out.
Coworker #3: No! Keep them! I find them extremely interesting.
Coworker #1, pensive: Maybe, if I click them really really hard, they’ll go away.


We Think This Quote Is Kind Of Awesome

Secular Muslim salesgirl #1: What do you think of what I am wearing?
Secular Muslim salesgirl #2: I’m glad you asked, it’s bizarre. Why are you wearing such a short skirt? It’s winter! And is that shirt actually lingerie? And why are you wearing a veil? Especially with all this? I’ve never seen you wear a veil!
Secular Muslim salesgirl #1: My grandmother put glue in my shampoo bottle to try to force me to cover my hair and dress more conservatively. I didn’t have time to fix it. I had to wear a veil. And the rest… well, I couldn’t let her win.

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