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I Meant the Toaster with the Smiley Face on It

Engineer #1: I’m going to head back to where I’ve been working. Nobody knows where it is. I call it my happy place.
Engineer #2: Take a muffin!
Engineer #1: Nice! I just want half, though.
Engineer #2: Don’t take half! Take the whole thing. [To Engineer #3] Stick the rest of that muffin in your happy place.
Engineer #3: That’s disgusting.

The Loop
Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: Nic

10AM Work on Prints

Engineer: How much longer will you be using those prints?
Safety Manager: Five minutes.
Engineer: What if I borrow them for three minutes and then give them back to you?
Safety Manager: I’d say yes, but you won’t give them back in three minutes. So, no, you can’t borrow them.
Engineer: You’re so much like your dad, it’s not even funny.

186 Gilman Avenue
Campbell, California

Overheard by: Shannon