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In Unrelated News, Can I Have Tomorrow Off?

Blonde coworker: But that's the problem with this country, people are lazy now, never put any thought or effort into anything. They're sloppy. Like, some guy passed a bank teller a “this is a holdup” note on the back of his damn pay stub from his job. I can't respect that kind of stupidity.
Manager: You know what? You would be a really good criminal. I mean that as a compliment.
Blonde coworker: I know, right? It's almost scary. I'd never get caught.

Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Not sure I want to sit by her anymore

Squatters’ Rights, Dude

Employee #1: Do you go in the bathroom like that?
Barefoot employee: Yeah, but I sit down. It’s much cleaner in there.
Employee #2: Wait, did you just admit that you sit down to pee?

1 Microsoft Way
Redmond, Washington