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I Did­n’t Have Any Re­al Ap­ples, So I Used Ball Bear­ings

Sales guy: I made a pie once.
As­sis­tant: Okay, I bite. What kind of pie did you make?
Sales guy: An ap­ple one.
As­sis­tant: Did it come out of a box?
Sales guy: No, I made it. All by my­self. But it was re­al­ly heavy. It must have been about ten pounds. I think I was stoned. This was back in like 1972… I just re­mem­ber it was re­al­ly heavy. I think it was about four inch­es thick.

Char­lotte, North Car­oli­na

3PM Smoke Break

Co-work­er: My fi­ance and I are go­ing to LA this week­end, and I’m try­ing to lose a pound or two be­fore then so my friends don’t think I’m preg­nant.

1600 Am­phithe­atre Park­way
Moun­tain View, Cal­i­for­nia