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5PM That’s a Wrap

Di­rec­tor #1: Hey, why are you pack­ing up? Is your of­fice mov­ing to­mor­row?
Di­rec­tor #2: Uh, no. I just got fired.
Di­rec­tor #1: Oh, wow. There’s re­al­ly just not a way for this not to be awk­ward is there?

7201 Metro Boule­vard
Min­neapo­lis, Min­neso­ta

It’s Ei­ther That or Get One of Those Helper Mon­keys

Ed­i­tor #1: I have fin­ger toes.
Pho­tog­ra­ph­er: You mean like long and bony?
Ed­i­tor #1: Yeah, I can, like, pick stuff up with them.
Ed­i­tor #2: Do you pinch peo­ple with them?
Ed­i­tor #1: Yeah. I al­ways pinch [my wife]. She hates it.
Ed­i­tor #2: God is just prepar­ing you for when you lose your arms.

333 North Merid­i­an
Ok­la­homa City, Ok­la­homa

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Sor­ry, the Clown Suit Keeps Throw­ing Me Off

Lead an­i­ma­tor: Quit goof­ing off!
An­i­ma­tor: I’m not.
Lead an­i­ma­tor: I said no goof­ing off! Get to work!
An­i­ma­tor: I am work­ing.
Lead an­i­ma­tor, hit­ting an­i­ma­tor with poster: No talk­ing! Get to work!
An­i­ma­tor: I am work­ing!
Lead an­i­ma­tor: [Picks up com­put­er mouse, and throws it across the desk.] Get to work! No talk­ing!

Las Cruces, New Mex­i­co

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Lift­ing, Puk­ing, and Shoot­ing: The Lloyd Roid Sto­ry

De­sign­er: I can’t find a pho­to to rep­re­sent per­son­al train­ers. The on­ly stock im­ages we have are too creepy. Look kind of like an af­ter-school spe­cial.
Writer: Like a mo­lest­ing-kids af­ter-school spe­cial? Or the kind about bu­lim­ia?
De­sign­er: A cross be­tween those and the ones about steroids.
Cre­ative di­rec­tor: Oh. That sounds OK. Use what­ev­er you guys have.

16340 North Scotts­dale Road
Scotts­dale, Ari­zona