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Sor­ry, the Clown Suit Keeps Throw­ing Me Off

Lead an­i­ma­tor: Quit goof­ing off!
An­i­ma­tor: I’m not.
Lead an­i­ma­tor: I said no goof­ing off! Get to work!
An­i­ma­tor: I am work­ing.
Lead an­i­ma­tor, hit­ting an­i­ma­tor with poster: No talk­ing! Get to work!
An­i­ma­tor: I am work­ing!
Lead an­i­ma­tor: [Picks up com­put­er mouse, and throws it across the desk.] Get to work! No talk­ing!

Las Cruces, New Mex­i­co

Over­heard by: pret­ty pic­ture guy

10AM Cof­fee and Su­doku Break

Writer: All I re­al­ly want in this life is to be able to solve a su­doku, just once. With­out giv­ing up halfway through.
De­sign­er: Way to aim low.
Writer: Well…can I be hon­est? What I re­al­ly want is to be bet­ter than you at su­doku.
De­sign­er: That may be aim­ing too high. Let’s be re­al­is­tic, at least.

16430 N Scotts­dale Road
Scotts­dale, Ari­zona

Over­heard by: Miel Du­rand

Pre­sent­ing: The Nerdi­est Cov­er­sa­tion Ever Held

En­gi­neer #1: A charred, dark husk of evil smol­der­ing in­to in­fin­i­ty would be cool.
En­gi­neer #2: I’d pre­fer the Dyson Sphere. Though I per­son­al­ly find Niv­en ring­worlds much more aes­thet­i­cal­ly pleas­ing.
En­gi­neer #1: But a husk!
En­gi­neer #2: A Dyson sphere could be kind of a husk.
En­gi­neer #1: Come on! Spooky husk!
En­gi­neer #2: No! No spooky husk!
En­gi­neer #1: Aww.
En­gi­neer #2: …We can make the Dyson Sphere kind of spooky if you in­sist.

401 El­liott Av­enue W
Seat­tle, Wash­ing­ton

Over­heard by: Bjorn Townsend