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Office Code for “She’s Under My Desk”

Dude: Do you know where your wife is?
Sarge: How the fuck are you gonna walk in here on a Thursday morning, come in my fucking office, see that I’m in the middle of writing a fucking important letter, and ask me where the fuck someone else in this fucking building is. I’m sorry, where the fuck do you see a babysitter sign on my desk?
Dude: I’m sorry, I just…
Sarge: Where the fuck do you see it? Where’s the fucking sign?

Newark, Delaware

Overheard by: Shaye

Fool Me Once…

Female coworker: Do you have pants on?
Male coworker: What?
Female coworker: Are you wearing pants?
Male coworker: Um… Yes?
Female coworker: Okay, good!

Wilmington, Delaware

Overheard by: Had pants on

After You Finish Crying

Security guy: I could be an officer, you know.
Sarge: Oh, shut the fuck up.
Security guy: No, really. It’s just politics stopping me! Just politics!
Sarge: Oh, is Rudy fucking Giuliani preventing you from becoming a police officer? Why don’t you fucking explain that to all of us?

Public Safety
Newark, Delaware

Overheard by: Shaye