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It’s All About Scheduling, Yo

Counter girl: Did I tell you I almost got locked up last night?
Male customer: Fo’ what?
Counter girl: I took my homegirl’s car and rode over to my baby daddy’s momma house. Po-lice got me going through a light. I was like, “Shit, man, I got weed and a rock in my joint, and my shit’s suspended, yo.“
Male customer: That’s some Cops shit, girl!
Girl: Fo’ reals…But I worked my way out with a warning, got my baby, went home, and smoked that shit.

11th Street & F Street
Washington, DC

Overheard by: suddenly not hungry

I Got My Medicine in Ten Minutes But I Was Just Too Mesmerized to Leave

Customer #1 (sitting in waiting area waiting for prescription for 40 minutes): (cough cough hack hack wheeze)
Customer #2: Oh, you sound awful, I hope you haven’t been waiting long.
Customer #1: I’ve been here for almost an hour watching the dance of the dipshits that’s going on behind the counter.
Customer #2: There’s entertainment now?

CVS Pharmacy
Hamilton, New Jersey

Overheard by: Currrly!

Because I Have a Stabbing Pain in My Ear

Woman on phone to cable company: Okay. Hey, hold on a sec. (yells into the phone) Don’t go meet him, he’s gonna stab you! I know he stabbed your brother, that’s why I think he’s gonna stab you too! (pause) Fine! if you want to get stabbed don’t come crying to me. Just make sure you bring your phone so you can call 911, okay? Sorry about that…now what do I do next?
Call center rep: Uhh, I think I need to report this call.
Woman: Why?

Time Warner Call Center
Albany, New York

Overheard by: Dani