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We Present: An In­stant Cus­tomer Ser­vice Clas­sic

Cus­tomer: Why are you billing me for this stuff?
CSR: Did you make the pur­chas­es on your cred­it card state­ment?
Cus­tomer: Yes, but I al­ready paid for them. I used my cred­it card.
CSR: Yes, but now you have to pay your cred­it card bill.
Cus­tomer: That’s stu­pid. Why would I pay for some­thing twice?

4325 17th Av­enue S.
Far­go, North Dako­ta

I Mean, I Am Your… Line, Please?

Wait­er: Señori­ta, would you like some­thing to drink?
Guest: Si, a mo­ji­to, please.
Wait­er: Muy bi­en. And seño­ra — if you need any­thing else, do not hes­i­tate to ask me. I am your mas­ter. I mean, you are my mas­ter. No… Uh… I am here to serve you.

Ho­tel bar
San Jose
Cos­ta Ri­ca

Over­heard by: Pu­ra Vi­da

Cut Scenes from Mid­night Cow­boy

Bus dri­ver: Your bus pass is­n’t work­ing.
Pas­sen­ger: Sor­ry, man, it should. I just got it yes­ter­day… It’s new.
Bus dri­ver: It’s just not work­ing… Just come on any­way. I love you, man.
Pas­sen­ger: Thanks, bro. I love you, too.

Down­town bus ter­mi­nal
New York, New York