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We Bare­ly Do That Now

Cu­bi­cle #1: Since I have to trav­el through Vir­ginia next week, I’m go­ing to take Amy*‘s sug­ges­tion and get a mega mil­lions tick­et. The power­ball is­n’t work­ing out so well for me.
Cu­bi­cle #2: My hus­band laughs at me be­cause I want to keep work­ing if I win the lot­tery.
Cu­bi­cle #3: What!?
Cu­bi­cle #2: Yeah, I want to keep work­ing.
Cu­bi­cle #3: Well…
Cu­bi­cle #1 & #3, in uni­son: I would­n’t work here.

Eng­land Street
Char­lotte, North Car­oli­na

Why There Are So Few Mex­i­can In­ter­net Cafes

Cube rat #1: Hey Chris, go in­stall this on Ben’s com­put­er.
Cube rat #2: (lets out au­di­ble fart)
Cube rat #1: Nev­er mind.
Cube rat #2: Hey, I’m on­ly get­ting two bars for my lap­top’s Wi-Fi con­nec­tion.
Cube rat #3: It’s be­cause that damn fart cloud is out block­ing the sig­nal!

Co­lum­bia, South Car­oli­na

Over­heard by: Cube Rat Hold­ing Nose