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9AM Another Day with Him

Co-worker: Can I move your long lovely legs and get some out of your drawers?

Co-worker: Do you ever have one of those days where you’re desperate to have something in your mouth?

Co-worker: I like sucking the mint out of the chocolate of Junior Mints…Don’t hate the skills!

750 First Street NE
Washington, DC

Note to Self: Stop Being Creepy

Lady peon: Beautiful day, isn’t it?
Male peon: Sure is — some fine weather here.
Lady peon: I hope it lasts, but I don’t know about this weekend — I’ve heard it might get cool.
Male peon: Yeah, that must be hard for women.
Lady peon: What?
Male peon: Yeah, it must hard trying to figure out what to wear — shorts, skorts, capris, pants, skirts. Guys don’t have that problem.
Lady peon: Okay. You have a good day.

Geneseo, New York