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I Think They Start Dating the Owl

IT guy #1: When you work in a restaurant it seems like everyone starts dating each other. I once knew these two that worked at Subway, and they started dating.
IT guy #2: That’s barely a restaurant.
IT guy #1: Do you think the girls at Hooters start dating each other?

1400 Douglas Street
Omaha, Nebraska

Overheard by: DB

Roger Decides to Have a Protein Shake at His Desk

Male cube rat: What are we doing for lunch? I’m craving meat.
Female cube rat #1, grinning: What kind of meat?
Male cube rat: Hmmm… A big, juicy steak, with a side of fried chicken.
Female cube rat #2: How about a Reuben sandwich?
Male cube rat: No, no, I don’t want female meat — I want man meat!
All within earshot: Reeeally?!
Male cube rat: Awww, crap.

2916 21st Street NE
Calgary, Alberta

Overheard by: Neverlivingitdown