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Hold on a Sec–Can You Or­der Me a Piz­za?

Ra­di­ol­o­gist re­cep­tion­ist to der­ma­tol­ogy pa­tient with the wrong num­ber: I’m sor­ry, I think you have the wrong num­ber. Dr. Green’s of­fice is just down the hall; the ex­ten­sion is 1234. You’re wel­come. Buh-bye.
(pause, then an­swers again)
Re­cep­tion­ist: No, you’ve got the wrong ex­ten­sion again. Dr. Green is at 1234. It’s no prob­lem. You’re wel­come. Buh-bye.
(pause, then an­swers again)
Re­cep­tion­ist: Good morn­ing. (pause) Of course, hold on just one mo­ment, please. (di­als ex­ten­sion #1234) Hi, I’m call­ing to con­firm Mrs Brown’s ap­point­ment to have her hairy mole re­moved. 11:30 am? Thank you so much. (on the oth­er line) The doc­tor will see you at 11:30 to­mor­row morn­ing. Yes ma’am, buh-bye now.

Nor­walk, Con­necti­cut

Over­heard by: Em­Lo

Col­orado: It’s Out of This World (Al­leged­ly)

Work­er #1: Oh, did­n’t I tell you I’m mov­ing to Col­orado?
Work­er #2: Re­al­ly? When?
Work­er #1: I leave next week, but I de­cid­ed I would move to Col­orado when I was six. That’s when I heard John Den­ver sing “Rocky Moun­tain High.“
Work­er #2: That’s why you’re mov­ing to Col­orado?
Work­er #1: Well, and be­cause it’s so hot here be­cause of all the glob­al warm­ing go­ing on. You know, they don’t have that in Col­orado.

Fair­field Coun­ty, Con­necti­cut

Over­heard by: she ac­tu­al­ly is mov­ing

At the Very Least, I Was Huff­ing Cough Syrup

Guy #1: If you lost my knife, so help me god you owe me $14.99. Plus ship­ping and han­dling.
Guy #2: Okay, so…we’ll just deduct that from the eighty bucks you al­ready owe me?
Guy #1: Statute of lim­i­ta­tions. That bet was, like, five months ago.
Guy #2: Yeah, and we agreed that you’d owe me in­ter­est if you did­n’t pay me…
Guy #1 (in­cred­u­lous): In­ter­est? Was I *drunk*?
Guy #2: Well, it was at 8 am on a Tues­day. So you nev­er know.

Stam­ford, Con­necti­cut

Over­heard by: Dave Eu­gene