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But It’s Not Fri­day Yet.

Wait­er: There’s a fly buzzing around. I kept him off your food.
Man­ag­er: Ah, it does­n’t mat­ter. No­body ever died from that.
Wait­er: No­body ever died from lick­ing my balls, ei­ther. You want to come over here and do that?

Cir­cle Cen­tre Mall
In­di­anapo­lis, In­di­ana

Over­heard by: Shat­man­du

10AM Work on Prints

En­gi­neer: How much longer will you be us­ing those prints?
Safe­ty Man­ag­er: Five min­utes.
En­gi­neer: What if I bor­row them for three min­utes and then give them back to you?
Safe­ty Man­ag­er: I’d say yes, but you won’t give them back in three min­utes. So, no, you can’t bor­row them.
En­gi­neer: You’re so much like your dad, it’s not even fun­ny.

186 Gilman Av­enue
Camp­bell, Cal­i­for­nia

Over­heard by: Shan­non