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But It’s Im­por­tant to Our Re­la­tion­ship That I Share In­ap­pro­pri­ate Facts About Her

New­bie: So Di­ane* is the one with dirty blonde hair?
Sea­soned work­er: I don’t think they like the term “dirty.“
New­bie: Oh yeah, my girl­friend kin­da likes be­ing called “dirty.“
Sea­soned work­er: I meant the hair col­or.
New­bie: I know!

In­ver­ness Work Plex
Den­ver, Col­orado

Oh, Like You Did at the Of­fice Hol­i­day Par­ty?

Fe­male cowork­er #1: So I bought this Tup­per­ware to help wildlife. It comes in dif­fer­ent col­ors and de­signs. This one has dol­phins, and one of the oth­ers has mon­keys on it.
Fe­male cowork­er #2, mock­ing­ly: You are so fuck­ing queer.
Fe­male cowork­er #1, shout­ing: I’ll show you fuck­ing queer!

Iowa City, Iowa

Over­heard by: Shocked & Awed