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The English Don’t Think So

Suit #1: He’s from England, from some place called Portsmouth. I think it’s spelled P‑O-R-T-S-M-I-T‑H, but it’s pronounced like Ports Mouth.
Suit #2: Wait. Is it Ports Mouth, or Ports Smith?
Suit #1: I don’t know. It’s some place in Europe, I think.

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Overheard by: Embarrassed American

That’s Depends on Where in Europe She’s From

Visiting European account manager: Oh, you have a new cell! I guess it was time to get a new one?
Chinese Project Manager: Yes, this morning I come to work and I am robbed by bandits. So, I have to get a new cell phone.
Visiting European account manager: Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha…ha…Heh. Oh. Oh dear. Are you ok?
Chinese Project Manager (in Chinese): Is she drunk? 

188 Dong Cheng Da Dao
Dong Guan, China

Overheard by: Adam White

11AM E‑mail Helen

Employee #1: Helen, what’s your e‑mail address?
Employee #2: H‑E-H-E-Q-I‑[email protected][overheard].com
Employee #1: So that’s H‑E-E‑E–
Employee #2: No, H‑E-H‑E.
Employee #1: Okay, like “hee hee”?
Employee #2: Yes. Q‑I–
Employee #1: “Hee hee chin chee”?
Employee #2: No.

1088 Yanan West Road
Shanghai, China

Overheard by: Tom Will