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Roger Decides to Have a Protein Shake at His Desk

Male cube rat: What are we doing for lunch? I’m craving meat.
Female cube rat #1, grinning: What kind of meat?
Male cube rat: Hmmm… A big, juicy steak, with a side of fried chicken.
Female cube rat #2: How about a Reuben sandwich?
Male cube rat: No, no, I don’t want female meat — I want man meat!
All within earshot: Reeeally?!
Male cube rat: Awww, crap.

2916 21st Street NE
Calgary, Alberta

Overheard by: Neverlivingitdown

11AM EOY Staff Meeting

Manager: We’re all sharks. Remember, guys.
Employee: Huh? Sharks?
Manager: Yeah, we’re all like sharks. Sharks have to keep moving their whole life or they’ll die. They never stop moving. So keep moving, guys! We’re sharks!
Employee: So basically what you’re saying is that if we stop moving, you’ll kill us all?

208 Chain Lake Drive
Halifax, Nova Scotia