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Why Gay Porn Stars Are So Healthy

Gay hair­styl­ist: But peo­ple who have anal don’t get pros­trate can­cer…
Man­ag­er: They on­ly get he­m­or­rhoids.
Gay hair­styl­ist: That’s true, af­ter a while it looks like a cau­li­flower. But, any­way, we do not get prostate can­cer, be­cause the cock acts like a mas­sage ther­a­pist.
Man­ag­er: Ri­i­i­i­ight!

Sao Paulo

Un­less, of Course, You Don’t Own a Dog

Eng­lish teacher: Nice shirt.
Man­ag­er: Tell me about it… It’s laun­dry day.
Ital­ian teacher: Oh god, I hate laun­dry day. I al­ways run out of un­der­wear and have to wear noth­ing un­der my skirt. I’m ter­ri­fied that the dog will stick his face up my vagi­na… You know, lit­er­al­ly.
Man­ag­er: Yeah, I don’t think there is a way to mean that in a non-lit­er­al sense.

434 Peixo­to Go­mide
São Paulo

Over­heard by: Eng­lish Teacher #2