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5PM That’s a Wrap

Ac­count Man­ag­er: Hey, do you feel like a mon­key in the mid­dle of an id­iot sand­wich?
Process An­a­lyst: That would make you one of the id­iots. Are you call­ing your­self an id­iot?
Ac­count Man­ag­er: Oh…huh?

5 min­utes lat­er.

Process An­a­lyst: Hey, do you feel like an id­iot in a mon­key sand­wich?
Ac­count Man­ag­er: Ha! Now you are the id­iot!
Process An­a­lyst: No…that still makes you the id­iot.

520 Guthridge Court
Nor­cross, Geor­gia

2PM Fa­cil­i­ties Is­sues

HR as­sis­tant: So, Paul*, when are you gonna take a look at my thing? I’m burst­ing at the seams, right?
Paul the safe­ty di­rec­tor: [laugh­ing] I can’t look now — and will nev­er look at your thing.
HR as­sis­tant: But, dang it! I need some space! Look at how my file cab­i­nets are over­flow­ing!!
Paul: HR is­n’t the on­ly de­part­ment that needs fil­ing space!
HR as­sis­tant: [sighs] I just need some­one to look and to care!

4730 South Fort Apache
Las Ve­gas, Neva­da

Over­heard by: Cor­po­rate Para­le­gal