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You Do?

Manager: I can’t do that to the client! Don’t you see the cart before the horse here? It’s chicken and egg!
VP: Yeah, but if you wanna run with the wolves–
Manager: –It’s lying down with dogs and getting up with fleas!
VP: Yeah, I see your point…

Calgary, Alberta

…Could You Turn on My Computer for Me?

Creative director: I can't take the course because I don't have the software.
Peon: Why don't you find out what the software costs and how to get it, and submit a proposal?
Creative director: I don't know where to find that information.
Peon: Why don't you use something called “the internet” to look it up?
Creative director: You mean like go into Google and type the name of the software?
Peon: Yeah, like that.
Creative director: Oh, good idea.

Columbus, Ohio

Overheard by: Horse Whisperer