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Um, the Bras Are for My Wife

Cashier to customer: These are cute bras. I wish I had big boobs. Everyone says I should be happy with what I got, but I think I’d like big ones. [Customer stares silently.] Guys like big ones. Not saying yours are big or anything, but I wish I had your boobs.

2000 Barnett Shoals Road
Athens, Georgia

Taking the ‘Vice’ Out of ‘Sleeping With the Vice-President,’ One Rationalization at a Time

Woman #1: He had such a big penis.
Woman #2: Oh my God, that is so hot. Did you hear about Richard*?
Woman #1: But he is a subordinate! I am not cheating on my husband with a subordinate. It feels more guilty that way. At least I feel like I’m gaining more than pleasure from sleeping with the exec.

Main Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts

You Know That Woman in Your Office Everybody Hates?

Office girl #1: Obviously, I just brewed coffee, right? So of course she has to be the first to get some. Well, I walk into the kitchen and she's facing the freezer with the freezer door open, and she has the coffee pot up to her nose, and she's smelling it. I have no idea what the hell was going on.
Office girl #2: What the eff?
Office girl #1: Yeah… I'm thinking that maybe… No, no, I really have no idea.

Sacramento, California