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If This Has Happened to You, Raise Your Good Hand

Programmer: Oh, thank god! My replacement iPhone. Not having it is like having my arm cut off. (looking at courier, he notices he has a stub instead of his right arm. Embarrassed, he signs for it and tries to hand stylus back to courier’s stub. The courier leaves without saying anything)
Programmer: I want to go home now.


Overheard by: Chris

Tinted Chromosomes

Coworker #1: You’ve got really pretty eyes.
Coworker #2: Thanks.
Coworker #1: It’s like you’ve got, um… What is it…?
Coworker #3: Downs Syndrome?
Coworker #1: Contact lenses.

South Australia

Did I Mention the Horses in Gynecological Stirrups?

Medical scientist #1: You know, they’ve got sheep in the basement…
Medical scientist #2: Our basement?!
Medical scientist #1: Yeah. It’s for heart surgery experiments. They bring them up for MRIs at night.
Medical scientist #2: There are sheep using our MRI machines?!
Medical scientist #1: Well, they’re only small ones…

Hospital, Flemington Road
Parkville, Victoria