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Like “Queer”

Cowork­er #1 (talk­ing about the new­ly de­signed of­fi­cial com­put­er desk­top wall­pa­pers): I don’t like the word “ze­ro” in the wall­pa­per. It’s like such a neg­a­tive num­ber!
Cowork­er #2: It’s not neg­a­tive if it’s used in a pos­i­tive way.

Shub­ha­da Build­ing

Over­heard by: M

Or Since He Hat­ed the Old Man, Maybe Tox­ic Waste Dis­pos­al

Ac­coun­tant: The boss is charg­ing all his per­son­al ex­pens­es to the firm. We’ll have to use a lit­tle cre­ative cam­ou­flag­ing to make them look like of­fice ex­pens­es.
Trainee: How do we show his fa­ther’s fu­ner­al cof­fin?
Ac­coun­tant: Pack­ag­ing & for­ward­ing?

Gar­den Square

Over­heard by: Paige Turn­er