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In­no­va­tion: Slight­ly Chang­ing a Suc­cess­ful Idea

Cowork­er #1: I think I’m go­ing to start The Arkansas Bach­e­lor.
Cowork­er #2: Oh yeah? Women will be trip­ping all over them­selves try­ing to get away from that.
Cowork­er #1: It’ll be bet­ter than just The Bach­e­lor. For­get ros­es, I’d say, “Would you ac­cept this Busch Light, Mag­gie Lou?”.

3685 Coun­try Club
Fort Smith, Arkansas

Mind the Gen­er­a­tion Gap

Em­ploy­ee #1: Otis Red­ding.
Em­ploy­ee #2: Otis Red­ding? Who’s that?
Em­ploy­ee #3: Is­nt’ that the guy from Andy Grif­fith? The drunk guy?
Em­ploy­ee #1: No. Otis Red­ding sang that “Dock of the Bay” song. His dad shot and killed him.
Em­ploy­ee #2: No. That’s Mar­vin Gaye.
Em­ploy­ee #1: Mar­vin Gaye? Who’s that?

Van Bu­ren, Arkansas