Of­fice chick: You know what the best part of get­ting Mc­Don­ald’s is? Just when you think you’re done, you find five or six bonus fries in the bot­tom of the bag.
Of­fice dude: It’s the sim­ple plea­sures for you, huh?
Of­fice chick: Oh yeah, noth­ing bet­ter! Some­thing small and salty to snack on!
Of­fice dude, filled with in­nu­en­do: In that case, I have an­oth­er bonus fry for you to en­joy.
Of­fice chick: Se­ri­ous­ly? I think you just ad­mit­ted to hav­ing a small dick.

Figueroa St
Los An­ge­les, Cal­i­for­nia