[Janet]: You can drown if you drink too much wa­ter. [Janet]: Sum­mer is my fa­vorite month. [Janet]: Where is Latin? Is­n’t that a coun­try? [Janet]: The fun­ni­est thing I heard to­day, I said it my­self. I said, “You mean John White, the black man?”

Co-work­er #1: I’ve heard about some di­ets that help reg­u­late the acid-base bal­ance in the blood. Is there any va­lid­i­ty in those di­ets?”
Co-work­er #2: I think that your kid­neys help do that.
[Janet]: My equi­lib­ri­um does that.

In­struc­tor: Em­phy­se­ma pa­tients have chron­ic weight loss.
[Janet]: Is that why you gain weight when you quit cig­a­rettes?

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