Male em­ploy­ee #1, at lunch, peel­ing a ba­nana: So, I’m do­ing a detox di­et, where I eat on­ly fruit for two weeks, and a bit of meat is in­tro­duced dur­ing the third. It’s rough, but I’m ac­tu­al­ly start­ing to feel more spright­ly.
Male em­ploy­ee #2: I say…it re­al­ly works? I should try it. I’m knack­ered, and I’m get­ting a paunch. I’d like to detox that ba­by from my midriff.
(thin, love­ly, fe­male cowork­er, clutch­ing mug of cof­fee, en­ters lunch­room)
Male em­ploy­ee #2: So­phie, what do you do to keep fit? Do you eat fruit at break­fast, per­haps?
So­phie, tak­ing sip of cof­fee: I be­lieve for break­fast I had beer and choco­late bis­cuits.

High Hol­born

Over­heard by: Mr Tick­le