De­liv­ery la­dy, on phone: Okay, what can I get for you?
Cus­tomer on the oth­er end: I’d like a medi­um pep­per­oni piz­za with no sauce and a cher­ry coke.
La­dy, typ­ing on a com­put­er: Okay, a medi­um piz­za with no sauce, just plain cheese, is that cor­rect?
Cus­tomer: No. With pep­per­oni. And a cher­ry coke.
La­dy: Pep­per­oni… [types again] I’m just push­ing all the wrong but­tons tonight.
Cus­tomer: Yeah, I know what you mean.
La­dy: It’s one of those days where you just should­n’t have wok­en up, you know?
Cus­tomer: Uh… yeah.
La­dy: At least it’s al­most over though, right?
Cus­tomer: …right.…
La­dy: So you said you want­ed a medi­um pep­per­oni piz­za, with no sauce, a side of ranch, and a cher­ry coke?
Cus­tomer: No side of ranch.
La­dy: Awww, but ranch is good for you!
Cus­tomer: …no ranch, thank you.
La­dy: Fine, good­night. [hangs up phone]

Hanover, New Hamp­shire

Over­heard by: Will